Shoulder and arm pain - how they are developing:


Shoulder and arm pain can occur due to a lot of reasons. Typically, shoulder pain is radiating into the arm and sometimes present in the affected shoulder itsself. Quite frequent the pain is noticed in the upper humerus or the neck. People are convinced having an arm problem, while the pathologic condition is in the shoulder itsself.
Night pain is a hint for destructed shoulder structures ( e.g. cuff tear, arthritis , humeral head necrosis). Turning onto the shoulder, while sleeping, people are suffering from pain and awake because of the shoulder / arm pain occuring in these situations, regularly. Even in people with a frozen shoulder or calcific tendinitis night pain is one of the main symptoms.
Pain occuring in cold and wet climate can be a hint for an arthritis. A cracking and snapping might be present in patients suffering from a bony destruction / arthritis of the shoulder.
Shoulder and arm pain which occurs while working with the shoulder and / or arm in or above shoulder heights, are a symptom of an impingement problem. The space / tunnel between the shoulder roof ( acromion ) and the humeral head is to narrow and the rotator cuff impinges between these two bony structures, thus resulting into shoulder and arm pain ( e.g. while cleaning windows, drying hair, showering and so on ).
If stiffness and decreased motion are the main problem, a frozen shoulder might be the diagnosis. This can be debilitating performing daily activities. Another regular symptom in shoulder stiffness is the presence of shoulder and arm pain. A shoulder stiffness can occur due to itsself or secondary after an impingement syndrome, calcific tendinitis or cuff tears, because the affected arm is not used for pain in the shoulder and arm that is present in these shoulder diseases.
A combination of high body temperature, shivering and night pain in the shoulder and arm might be a symptom of a shoulder infection, but those complaints occur in infections of the shoulder, rarely. It can be misleading that an infected shoulder might produce a slight pain, only.
If a swelling is present at the upper arm and occuring spontaneously ( sometimes in combination with a hematoma ), this might be a biceps rupture, which is causing some - but not very severe - shoulder and arm pain.
People performing sports are sometimes complaining about a cracking and snapping, which might have concomitant shoulder and arm pain. A lot of theses sports men are performing a sport with activities in or above shoulder heights ( e.g. baseball, basketball, swimming ). Such problems occur if a SLAP lesion or shoulder instability are the reason for shoulder and arm pain. Pain is deep in the shoulder and present during activity of the shoulder and arm, not while resting.
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