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Here, we are discussing shoulder specific problems in sports. Just, choose a sports or read the text below.
25 - 30 % of all injuries are sports injuries. The shoulder/ arm region is the second most affected region in sports ( 21,7% ). About 7% of all these injuries are isolated shoulder injuries in sports. There are numerous sports disciplines where these shoulder injuries occur. Sports performed in and above shoulder heights and contact sports are affected most, e.g. baseball , football and handball.
The shoulder is the most flexible joint of the human body. It has the biggest range of motion. The shoulder anatomy is very complex. So, it is a very vulnerable joint in sports. Bony lesions like fractures of the clavicle or humeral head might happen. More typical are lesions of the stabilizing structures like the shoulder joint capsule and the stabilizing ligaments. The labrum might tear and shoulder instabilities occur. Most of the time theses labral tears occur at the bottom and front, but they might happen at the posterior side or, if occuring on top, they are called SLAP lesions. These lesions are malicious because they are making uncharactersitic shoulder problems, which might be unrecognized for a long time. Even with x-ray, ultrasound, MRI or CT these lesions are not always detectable.
By far, the most common shoulder problems occur due to overuse or bad technique. Tears and sprains of shoulder muscles occur most of the time. Compared to other joints of the human body, these sprains and tears or the shoulder last much longer.
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