Injuries and diseases of the shoulder


Volleyball and shoulder, beach volleyball


Shoulder injuries and diseases in volleyball, some statistics:
In comparison to handball, injuries at the shoulder occur in volleyball sports not that often. Most lesions happen at the ankle joint, spine and knee. Shoulder injuries due to volleyball occur at the fourth place ( 8 percent of all volleyball injuries ). Shoulder complaints and shoulder lesions due to overuse in volleyball are more frequent ( about 15% ). Shoulder injuries are more severe in female volleyball players. Male volleyball players are suffering more from overuse. About 25% of all volleyball players have shoulder complaints actually or had it in the past. While blocking most volleyball injuries happen.


Shoulder and beachvolleyball:
A special form is the beach volleyball. Only rare data are available due to shoulder problems in beach volleyball. Beachvolleyball players seem to have more shoulder problems due to overuse while indoor volleyball competitors suffer more from ankle and finger injuries.


Volleyball and overuse at the shoulder:
The number one region to be affected by overuse is the patella followed by the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff muscles and it´s tendons are affected most by inflammation or partial tears. Volleyball players can´t play for about 2 to 4 month while suffering from shoulder complaints due to overuse.


Volleyball and shoulder instabilities:
Especially, instabilities are the cause of shoulder complaints in volleyball players. If nonoperative therapy fails an arthroscopic or open stabilization procedure might be necessary.


Volleyball and SLAP lesions:
SLAP lesions can occur due to a fall on the outstretched arm, e.g. while playing volleyball. SLAP lesions can occur due to overuse, when a throwing shoulder is present, also. In these cases competitors are suffering from pain and a snapping or cracking in the shoulder joint. Even direct blows and traction trauma can result in a SLAP lesion.
Volleyball and nerve compression / ganglion cyst at the shoulder:
Another typical volleyball shoulder disability is a nerve compression of the suprascapular nerve. Players suffering from it feel a deep pain in the affected shoulder, radiating into the area of the bladebone, eventually. These nerve compressions might be recognized while oberserving the shape of the infraspinatus muscle, at the back side of the shoulder, which is atrophied. Also, there is a weakness for external rotation and abduction of the arm. Besides sprains of the nerve, ganglion cysts can be a cause of this nerve irritation. The ganglion cysts can be recognized by ultrasound or MRI examination.
Prevention of shoulder injuries in volleyball:
It´s assumed that a oneside muscular dysbalance is a main problem for shoulder disabilities associated to volleyball. This makes people more susceptible for injuries. An example to recognize these problems early is a diminished internal rotation of the affected shoulder. For this reason adequate stretching exercises, to be performed routinely, and muscle training are very important for injury prevention in volleyball.


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