Computed tomography of the shoulder


Performing a computerized tomography slice pictures of the shoulder are made. In contrast to the MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging ) a computed tomography works with x-ray. No method is superior above the other. One can see different things with CT or MRI. A computed tomography is good to see bony structures and the MRI shows soft tissue structures, like tendons, muscles much better. Depending on the individual problem / disease, it makes much more sense to perform a CT in one case and an MRI in another case.
CT shows changes like arthritis, bony tumors, glenoid dysplasias, calcium deposits or loose bodies much better. Nowadays computerized tomography is much better to create 3D reconstructions. You can see some examples of a 3D reconstruction here.
Torsional deformities of the humerus and upper extremity can be visualized with CT.
Using contrast media might enhance the CT pictures and its quality.
Modern CT scanners are performing the examination within a few minutes, whereas an MRI takes up to 20- 40 minutes.


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