Ultrasound of the shoulder


ultrasound of the shoulder

Similar to the sonar of a ship, structures within the shoulder can be visualized with ultrasound. Ultrasound waves don´t penetrate bone, but they can visualize soft tissue structures excellent. Those soft tissue structures at the shoulder are the bursa, tendons or rotator cuff muscles. Tendon and muscle defects / ruptures / tears or inflammed bursas can be detected with this method.
Shoulder examination without radiation exposure is one of the big advantages of the ultrasound method. It´s a simple, effective and painfree method. Another important advantage is the possibility to perform a dynamic examination. This means, that shoulder structures can be examined during movement ( in contrast to a CT, x-ray or MRI, which allows static examinations, only ).
Layman think about "snow" while seeing the ultrasound pictures, but it is an important way to get valuable information about your shoulder problem for your physician.
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