Coracoclavicular joints


coracoclavicular joint, x-ray
What is a coracoclavicular joint ?
It is a rare joint between the coracoid process and the clavicle. Only 0.4 to 1.2 percent of all people have a coracoclavicular joint.


How does a coracoclavicular joint develop ?
Coracoclavicular joints are congenital. Some races, like in Asia, have more coracoclavicular joints than others.


What do I feel when I am suffering from a coracoclavicular joint ?
A lot of coracoclavicular joints don´t cause any problems. Most people are not aware of it. Sometimes these joint variations are recognized on occasion while taking X-rays of the chest. A few can cause a lot of problems, especially pain in shoulder. Patients feel the pain in front or on top of the shoulder. Sometimes pain is radiating into the arm. As it is causing pain in only a few cases, it has to be taken caution not to overlook other shoulder diseases, that might be responsible for the shoulder pain.


How can a coracoclavicular joint be diagnosed ?
Sometimes, a coracoclavicular joint can be palpated under the skin. X-ray or CT scans will show it.


coracoclavicular joint, 3D, CT

3D picture of a coracoclavicular joint.


What can be done with a coracoclavicular joint ?
Nothing has to be done if the coracoclavicular joint causes no pain. If pain is presentand people are suffering from it, the only way to get rid off is an operation. In an open procedure it will be resected.


What is happening after an operation of a coracoclavicular joint ?
It is not necessary to fix the arm in sling for weeks. The patient is allowed to move his operated arm actively immediately after an operation.


Natural an postoperative course of a coracoclavicular joint ?
If a coracoclavicular joint is painfree and nothing has to be done, we can not make a prognosis, Which means that - until today - we don´t know which coracoclavicular joints will cause problems in the future and which not.
After an operative resection it won´t occur again on the same side.
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