Loose bodies within the shoulder joint


loose bodies in the shoulder joint, arthritis, shoulder, cartilage defect
What are loose bodies in the shoulder ?
Loose bodies are free floating cartilage or bony pieces in the shoulder joint. They are changing their position within the shoulder, permanently. Quite often they can be found in the axilla during shoulder arthroscopy. Sometimes they are lying at the bottom or posterior within the main shoulder joint.


What do I feel suffering from loose bodies in the shoulder ?
For a long time loose bodies in the shoulder won´t be recognized. They might cause diffuse pain within the shoulder or in the upper arm. Sometimes a cracking or snapping might be present. Quite rare loose bodies are inducing a blockade.


How do loose bodies in the shoulder develop ?
Flakes emerging from shoulder dislocations might be the reason for loose bodies in the shoulder. Due to a cartilage wear in arthritis, loose bodies develop. A lot of loose bodies are developing in inherent synovial chondromatosis, a disease of the shoulder´s synovia. Most of the loose bodies occur due to arthritis or as flakes.


What can be done for loose bodies in the shoulder ?
Loose bodies have to be removed, because being left in a shoulder joint, they will cause severe arthritis. Most of the loose shoulder bodies can be removed arthroscopically. Special designed forceps and working instruments are used to remove them from the shoulder joint. An open operative procedure, for a removal of loose bodies, has to be done quite rare.



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