Tumors of the shoulder


carcinoma shoulder, mri, humeral head, breast cancer

Metastases of a Breast cancer in the humeral head.


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What is a tumor of the shoulder ?
Signs and symptoms of shoulder tumors ?
How does a shoulder tumor develop ?
How to treat shoulder tumors ?
What is a tumor of the shoulder ?
Tumors of the shoulder can be benign as well as malignant, like cancer. If a physician is talking about a "tumor" this does not mean, that it is cancer at all. It´s a "mass" that doesn´t belong to that area where it is lying. The term "tumor" is just a description of a phenomenon. Whether it is cancer or not has to be decided after a lot of diagnostic procedures, often including a biopsy ( operative procedure to get tissue from the "mass" ).


Signs and Symptoms of shoulder tumors ?
On occasion these tumors are recognized on an x-ray, made because of other reasons. As an accidental finding a tumor mass is recognized. Some people are suffering from pain, which is not that often the main symptom. Sometimes cancer is already diagnosed and it´s an metastasis, which is detected.


How does a shoulder tumor develop ?
Until today we don´t know the exact way how a tumor develops - neither it is benign nor malignant. Some benign tumors of the shoulder seem to be of inherent origin.


How to treat shoulder tumors ?
The kind of treatment / therapy depends on the soft tissue findings of the pathologist. It is dependent on that, what he is detecting under his microscope. So, in general within a first operation it is necessary to make a biopsy - to take tissue out the tumor. The preparation and examination of this tissue might take serveral weeks. Sometimes the diagnosis could be achieved within a few days. Knowing whether it is a benign or malignant tumor and what kind of tumor type it is, the physician is able to plan your therapy.
Sometimes no further operation or other procedure is necessary.
Sometimes the tumor has to be removed within a second operative procedure. It might be necessary to transplant bone or in advanced cases an osteosynthesis, chemotherapy, radiation or a prosthesis / arthroplasty might be necessary.
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