Removal of calcific deposits
at the shoulder

arthroscopic removal of a calcific tendinitis, calcium deposit at the shoulder

What is a calcium deposit of the shoulder ?
It might be one or more calcium clots, most of the time lying in one of the rotator cuff´s tendon, like the supraspinatus tendon.


Complaints of a calcific tendinitis:
Some people, having a calcium deposit of the shoulder, might be free of pain and the calcific deposit is just recognized on ultrasound, x-ray or mri - without being of importance.
Some patients have chronic pain in the affected shoulder or radiating downward the upper arm. Especially night pain occurs often.
A few people experience sudden an extreme pain in the shoulder, when a calcium deposit is resorbed.


Therapy of calcium deposits at the shoulder:
After failed nonoperative treatment calcium deposits will be removed, arthroscopically. If non-operative treatment, like pain medication, injections, acupuncture and so on failed and pain is still the main problem for the patient, the deposits will by removed in an arthroscopic procedure.
Calcium deposits are tracked with a needle during the operative, endoscopic, procedure. If they are found a small cloud of calcium appears and they are removed using surgical instruments like spoons and shavers.
If you use the Play button, above, you can see, how a calcium deposit is removed, arthroscopically.
What is happening after the removal of a calcium deposit ?
The operated arm and shoulder can be used actively, as far as residual pain allows it. A sling or splint is not used. Depending on the kind of work, you can return to it after 1 to 6 weeks. ( 1 week for example for office work or 6 weeks for heavy work ).


What will happen in the furture to the operated shoulder / calcium deposit ?
Once the calcium clot is removed it won´t come again. There is a higher statistical chance that it might occur on the other shoulder ( estimated on 10 to 20% ), in the furture.
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