Shoulder cup prosthesis

- surface arthroplasty of the shoulder / humeral head -


cup arthroplasty shoulder, surface replacement


What is a cup prosthesis of the shoulder ?
An artificial shoulder joint that is replacing the surface of the humeral head is called "cup" or "cup prosthesis" or "cup arthroplasty". It is the smallest form of shoulder joint replacement. Arthrotic wear and destruction of the cartilage surface of the humeral head is replaced by an artificial metall surface cup.


When to implant a cup arthroplasty of the shoulder:
The cup can be implanted with cement or cementless. Shoulder cups are used since the mid of the 70ties, routinely - mainly for destruction due to rheumatoid arthritis, humeral head necrosis and arthritis of the shoulder.


Advantages of a shoulder cup arthropasty:
There are several advantages of shoulder cups - in comparison to conventional hemiarthroplasty or total shoulder: cups are saving the bone stock, the humeral shaft bone can be left closed and has not to be opened. They can be changed much easier, if the shoulder cup gets loose after 10 to 15 years. Cups can be implanted through smaller incisions. The operation time is less and, if a loosening occurs, smaller implants for change can be used.


Why to implant a cup prosthesis at the shoulder ?
The aim of such an operation is to get rid of shoulder pain. Depending on the time of operation, a cup can restore movement, if it´s implanted just at the right time. Otherwise, if to late, movement will remain unchanged as it was before the operation.


How long will a cup prosthesis survive at the shoulder ?
Cups will have the same survival rate as other shoulder replacement tapes or like hip and knee prosthesis.


Technique aspects of cup arthroplasty at the shoulder:
Above, you can watch a video of the implantation of a shoulder cup prosthesis. Just use the play button. Cups are implanted with and without glenoid replacement.


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