Loose bodies of the shoulder joint


loose bodies in the shoulder


Why to treat loose bodies of the shoulder ?
Loose bodies of the shoulder joint have to be removed, because the cause to joint destruction and arthrosis of the shoulder joint.


How to treat loose bodies of the shoulder ?
Routinely, they are removed arthroscopically.


How do loose bodies of the shoulder develop ?
Loose bodies occur due to trauma causing cartilage defects or due to omarthrosis.


What do I feel having loose bodies of the shoulder ?
Rarely, they are causing a blocking of the shoulder joint. Often, the patient recognizes a snapping and / or pain in the shoulder. Sometimes, the patient isn´t aware of any problems and the loose bodies are recognized coincidental to other diseases of the shoulder, when an x-ray or MRI is made.


Rehabilitation after a shoulder operation for loose bodies:
The affected arm and shoulder can be used actively. The arm is not fixed in sling. A little rest for a few days is positive.


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